Who's Crying Now    (TBT 105)  Ted Lizotte - www.tedlizotte.com - www.tbtrecordings.com


Grand Square
It's been a mystery
And still they try to see
Why something good can hurt so bad
Allemande and Weave
Caught on a one-way street
The taste of bittersweet
(Swing and you promenade so sweet)
Love will survive some how, some way


Heads Promenade and take it halfway 'round
Walk in and Square Thru Four around
Go all the way then a Right and Left Thru
(Pass Thru - Trade By)
Slide Thru and Square Thru Three hands go
Swing the girl and promenade on home
*Love will survive some how, some way
**The fighting is worth the love they save


Grand Square
One love, feeds the fire
One heart, burns desire
Wonder, who's crying now?
Allemande and Weave
Two hearts, born to run
Who'll be the lonely one
(Swing and Promeande the ring)
Wonder, who's crying now?


Four Ladies Chain over and back (Guitar Solo slowly fades)